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A residential tanning bed is often purchased by individuals who want to have a tan without bothering to dress up and go to a tanning salon. A tanning bed at home makes it more convenient for a person to get that wonderful tan. But a residential tanning bed also means additional responsibility for the owner. Technology is never perfect, like the humans who use them. Thus, the home tanning bed may be subject to several problems. Fortunately, the owner of such tanning bed need not call a technician every time something goes wrong with it. Here is a guide that will be useful for the owner of a residential tanning bed.

If the bed refuses to start or to turn on, there could be four possible reasons:

1. There is no power supplied to the bed
2. There is a bad relay
3. There is a loose at the relay
4. There is a loose wire at the dial timer

The owner must inspect the plug and the breaker to make sure that there is power going to the bed. If the relay is bad, then there is no other way to fix the bed but to replace the relay. As for loose wires, all the owner has to do is to tighten the loose connection.

If the lamps don’t light up, there are five possible causes:

1. Malfunctioning lamps
2. Malfunctioning ballast
3. Malfunctioning lamp holder
4. Malfunctioning starter
5. A loose wire at the ballast, or at the lamp holder or at the terminal

For any malfunctioning part of the tanning bed, the owner will need to replace it. The owner should not attempt to fix it by himself. For the loose wire, the owner may just tighten the loose connection.

If the bench lamps will not light up, the cause could be any of these:

1. The bench is not plugged into the canopy
2. A loose wire in the connector between the bench and the canopy
3. The wire in the bench-to-canopy connector may be burnt

The owner must check if the bench is securely plugged into the canopy. If not, he should correct the situation. The loose wire needed only a tightening. But if the wire is burnt, the owner must retrieve some electrical tools so that he can strip the wire and replace the connector.

If the lamps do not work well but the fans are working fine, there are only two things to check:

1. The relay
2. The wire either at the terminal block or the relay

The owner must check whether the relay is malfunctioning or not. If it is not working properly, this relay should be replaced. Any loose wire at the terminal block or at the relay can be corrected by tightening the connection.

For other tanning bed troubles, it is best that the owner consults the technician of the tanning bed supplier.

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3/31/2013 12:26:20 pm

I have a Wolff 16d . The power cord is installed correctly and there is power to the bed . When I push the start button the lights blink and the timer reads 5.0 . Any thoughts on my problem would be appreciated!

3/31/2014 02:19:45 am

i have a tanning bed..i turn it on the fans work but not the bulbs and it makes a loud buzzing noise...whats wrong

5/6/2014 11:53:33 am

We are having the same exact problem!! I sure hope someone can answer it.....I've got over $800 invested In the tanning bed now... :(

5/10/2014 03:39:27 am

Did you ever get your tanning bed to work? I have the same issue, fans come on and some buzzing for a bit, and if I make the room dark I can see flickers of light, but the bulbs do not come on.

5/10/2014 03:44:28 am


4/9/2015 01:20:19 pm

Did u solve tanning bed problem? I am having same exact problem n was hoping for a pointer. Thank u for your time

10/18/2014 06:18:10 am

11/29/2014 09:15:56 pm

I changed the bulbs because they were from a used bed and not tanning, thought that the were old and purchased new. they light but there is still no tanning. is it true I must replace all the starters to get the full 120w strength to give proper tanning results ?

mine turns on and then shuts off about 5 seconds later....turn the timer on again and 5 seconds later ...its shuts off again
2/4/2015 09:55:57 am

Pete. W.

2/28/2015 02:19:07 am

I have a tanning bed but fans wont come on can I wire them into the timer switch somehow I got a new relay switch but didn't fix problem

4/18/2015 06:50:24 am

I am having this same problem. Fans come on but no lights. Did you figure out what the problem was!?

Just purchased a used tanning bed worked great until i got it home it blinks 9.9 and wont come on... any suggestions????
4/1/2015 04:55:04 am

4/9/2015 01:23:33 pm

My tanning bed doin same thing. Fans coming on but no lights and humming

4/11/2015 09:47:42 am

If the lights flicker but don't come on it is starter. No lights but humming it is most likely the ballast. Any ballast with equivalent ratings will work, does not have to be for tanning bed specifically.

Darren Adams
4/12/2015 11:13:27 am

I have random bulbs not working, swapped ballasts, swapped bulbs, swapped lamp holders still no change. Same three bulbs. Guess the starter is the silver capacitor looking part. Three on the bottom too but in a row there. Any ideas suggestions

4/13/2015 10:18:44 am

Change your capacitor. The silver thing down at the bottom. One works 2 bulbs. Starters are little round fuse type things that quick start the bulbs. I had 2 bulbs beside each other that wouldn't light, but would when switched around. Traced wires from where bulbs plug in and replaced that capacitor and it works now. Hope it helps. Or it could be bad connectors (post ends) for bulbs. 😐. Good luck!

5/24/2015 06:40:23 am

The timer blinks 0 very rapidly and will do nothing else

7/15/2015 05:42:50 am

Every time I use my tanning bed the internet modem has to be reset. Why is this happening? My home tanning bed is in the same room where our modem is connected through the wall to our satellite.

2/10/2016 03:10:16 pm

Bought the bed used and brought it home. All bulbs worked there but when I got it home only half of the bottom bulbs work. Any ideas?

2/10/2016 03:47:50 pm

My tanning bed will not turn on at all...no lights, no fans..nothing. I was in it one evening and it just shut off as though the power had gone out. I have a friend who is a general electrician and he brought out equipment to test the current and all wires/cords have power running to the bed. Any idea what the problem can be? I really need my bed as I use it a lot in the winter for my Seasonal Affective Disorder.

2/11/2016 10:55:21 am

Bought a used bed everything worked but the face tanner, was told it needed new bulbs so I purchased them, we put the first one in then the second one and when we put the third one in the face tanner automatically turned on and wouldn't go off until we turned the breaker off, any suggestions on what is wrong with the face tanner???

2/20/2016 11:50:48 am

What will make a tanning bed come on the kick right back off and make a beeping noise

Rebecca whetzel
3/9/2016 02:36:21 pm

Put 2 new bulbs in side by side they don't work what can I chech

3/15/2016 05:34:43 pm

Will a missing bulb cause the bed not to work at all?

3/18/2016 02:46:58 pm

I have a 1990 sunal d4600, the timmer will come on but nothing else, any suggestions

Natasha Phifer
4/9/2016 08:06:05 pm

My timer won't count down any ideaa

Jessica Payne
4/24/2016 10:20:25 pm

I have a wolffe IV and when I turn it on the bench lights up but the top doesn't and I hear a buzzing. Fans aren't working either.... What would cause this? Any ideas??

5/28/2016 04:33:12 am

My tanning bed turns it self off and on what is wrong

Charlie cook
11/6/2016 11:24:35 am

I just bought a sunburst pro 16s and they had the bottom set of lights unplugged. I plugged them back up the bottom fans are pulling air in the top fan is pulling air out. Is that right? The lights work but don't seem to get hot as the top. Can you send me a wiring diagram and build list please to my email.

11/26/2016 11:46:40 am

I bought all brand new bulbs, thinking that I was not tanning because of old bulbs. However, a month later, still no tan! Any ideas what could be wrong?!?

1/11/2017 01:45:02 pm

My wolf series tanning bed I bought used a set of three lights is out is it possible for all three lights in the set to blow or is there another problem

chrstine hart
3/19/2017 12:52:20 am

i have a simular problem as others i see no answer my sunquest pro 20 sx turns on timer seems to work w/ fans but all bulbs don`t light up
a little help here thank you in advance

4/10/2017 12:15:35 am

My tanning bed bulbs and timer works but the bulbs on the bottom all stopped working at the same time. What could cause this?

9/24/2017 08:08:21 pm

I have a Sun quest 24sri jus got The time is n bed no lights no fan and the ttimer wrorks I don't know what to do u fix suggestions please


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